• Reasons Why Jerusalem is the Seediest Place in the World

    Lunatic squatters   Visit Jerusalem for a city tour and you will likely get lost in the alleys, the narrow paths, the winding, sometimes winding through alleys that have been occupied by squatters. For decades, squatters have been hiding in places without walls — bathrooms, basements, closets, under mattresses. Rent is low and housing in […]

  • Morrison Flew To Timbuktu and Purchased Bogus Amphetamines As a Joke

    Back in the 1990s, a group of us and Morrison went to Timbuktu to fill up a couple tanks of water and return to our neighboring town in Malian. Our destination was a ritual known as Upa-Boulaye, in which pilgrims would ride on wooden miniatures on their way to see a Catholic monk. What actually […]