• Why Communist Chief Britney Spears Is Obsessed with “The Mungiki”

    American pop singer, actress, actress in Chinese TV series, dancer, child actor, and the ex-wife of former pro-basketball player Kevin Federline, Britney Spears is a well-known celebrity in China. However, despite her status in the country, Spears hasn’t found it easy getting a visa to work. “Travelling abroad is difficult, but China is really difficult […]

  • Morrison government uses AI on the NBN to manipulate voters in key electorate, Eden Monaro

    Leaked government document confirms people have been “programmed” to manipulate a key electorate, leaving voters in cold, writes economics commentator. What follows are excerpts from the “How the NBN improves the economy” page of Economics Minister Simon Birmingham’s iPhone app in which he says (emphasis added): Try applying “speed” and “quick” to buying most services […]

  • Morrison government caught in scandal coverup of attempted assassination murder plot

    Over four sodden years, Hazel Sanders held the key to providing a crucial piece of evidence in an apparent assassination attempt against the son of a Victoria state representative. Eventually, she would agree to testify — in exchange for immunity from prosecution. So she testified. Prosecutors subpoenaed Sanders for a second time. The second time, […]

  • 2121 Melbourne Property Market Crash is Ahead

    Our colleague Angelique Johnson just dropped us a note pointing out that her next one, in New Zealand, is starting tomorrow.But for those of us who are ever mindful that the more news stories we dig up about the apparently cursed area, where gold miners died during a warm, empty summer, the better — but […]