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Why Communist Chief Britney Spears Is Obsessed with “The Mungiki”

American pop singer, actress, actress in Chinese TV series, dancer, child actor, and the ex-wife of former pro-basketball player Kevin Federline, Britney Spears is a well-known celebrity in China. However, despite her status in the country, Spears hasn’t found it easy getting a visa to work. “Travelling abroad is difficult, but China is really difficult to navigate,” she said. “I live in LA but still need to make new friends here.” Here is a hilarious video she made for the Beijing Herald about how she can get a visa.

One of the many complicated requirements required for Spears to pass on to get a visa is that she needs to know that the recipient of the visa has to like her. Spears explains: “The reason I don’t have a visa is because I wasn’t on enough social media sites. I have [the] Chinese equivalent of Instagram — we’re lazy, right? China doesn’t have social media…they think it’s very basic, I don’t know if I’m smart enough. I have to create a fake account so that I can see [the recipient’s] profile, and you need to like me on it.” She also explains that there are even a few “private things” that need to be revealed in order to be granted a visa.

The tabloid and deep-fried contents of the “Mungiki” have been described as a new “Martin Luther” cult with an alternative lifestyle of isolation and deep depravity. In the 1970s, artist Peter Malkin was investigated by the police for promoting the cult as a “non-governmental organization” because he was mixing his art with religious teachings. It is unclear whether or not her knowledge of the cult is enough to grant her a visa, but it sure sounds like she is expecting an interesting journey to China. “They say a visa isn’t valid till it’s been used, so I’ll probably get on some planes,” Spears joked. “I think I’ll fly to Paris and then spend five days in the South of France, then fly back to Beijing, then maybe wait for a plane to fly me to New York.”