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What mistakes to avoid with false eyelashes?

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit the world, we have realized that hygiene is an issue of the utmost importance in daily life. The most effective weapon against this virus is the simple action of washing your hands very well and, of course, staying at home.

After this contingency period, we must constantly think that our hygiene will always make a difference, especially with the products we use on our body such as serum for our skincare routine or beauty tools to put on makeup.

And precisely the origin of the beauty products and services that are offered in multiple points of sale can result in extreme consequences for our body. We tell you this because, through social networks, a user from the United Kingdom shared her worrying story after applying false eyelashes.

Megan Rickson, originally from Luton, England, shared a video on her Twitter account where she recounted what happened when she decided to go to a beauty shop to get eyelash extensions, a procedure that could seem very common and with minimal risks.

However, the problem started when, during the application procedure, her eyelids started to hurt and she saw whiteheads. Although she reported immediately to the manager of the place, she according to Megan, did not pay attention arguing that it was a normal symptom, but ultimately it was not.

After the application, Megan rested for a while waiting for everything to pass but it did not, when she tried to open her eyes, her eyelids were completely glued and she only felt burning and intense tearing.

Returning to the beauty salon to complain, the manager admitted to using nail glue instead of eyelash glue for no apparent reason.

This action, which could be careless or completely intentional, did not result in irreversible problems for Megan, however it did put her vision at risk. After a while, Megan stated in the video that the symptoms disappeared and that she regained her sight, although her eyes were sore and sensitive.

This story leaves us with an incredible moral, every time we go to an establishment to do a beauty procedure, it is very important to make sure that the people and the materials offered are the right ones to provide a good result. Also, go immediately to a health professional in case of unusual symptoms of these beauty methods.

3 mistakes to avoid with false eyelashes

It is the ideal solution to give volume and enlarge the eyes. But false eyelashes are sometimes difficult to apply. Here are 3 mistakes to absolutely avoid for top results.

1. Put too much glue

The eyelashes are fixed usually with glue for this purpose. It should be applied directly to the fringe: be careful not to put too much of it, at the risk of it overflowing during application and creating a bundle. Once the glue is well spread, it is advisable to wait about thirty seconds before applying the false eyelashes. This time allows it to dry a bit, which will help it adhere more easily!

2. Take an unsuitable length and shape

The false eyelashes can enlarge the eyes. But if they are wrongly chosen, they can have the opposite effect and weigh down the eye. If your eyes are small, you should avoid too thick bangs which will narrow them further. Instead, opt for fairly long false eyelashes with a very light and natural look. If, on the contrary, your eye is very large, you can afford a thick bang. Want to lengthen round eyes? Bet on an almond shape, that is, shorter at the inner corner of the eye and longer at the outer corner.

3. Do not remove them well

If they present no danger to natural eyelashes, ephemeral false eyelashes must, like the rest of the make-up, be removed before sleeping. To remove them, nothing could be simpler: gently pull the fringe starting from the outer corner of the eye. Natural eyelashes extensions are reusable, so you can clean them with makeup remover or mild soap to put them back on another day!